This year, Met Rec allocated $135,000 towards community recreation initiatives; the largest annual recreation contribution since Met Rec’s inception. The majority of the funding went towards Met Rec’s two grant programs.

A total of $80,000 was awarded through the Developed Recreation Grant Program. The aim of this program is to catalyze the development of recreation amenities that meet valley-wide needs. It also seeks to leverage funding from outside Gunnison County.  Developed Recreation grant funding was awarded to three entities to further the following projects:

Additionally, $35,000 was awarded to ten entities through Met Rec’s Community Collaboration Grant Program. The grant program promotes quality recreation amenities and sustainable programming within the District’s Service Area and encourages efforts that reduce local barriers to recreation faced by youth, elderly and under-engaged communities. Over half of the funds awarded to 2020 Community Collaboration applicants supported accessible recreation opportunities by helping bolster new and existing scholarship programs. To learn more about the specific Community Collaboration grant awards, visit our Past Funded Projects page. 

For the third consecutive year, Met Rec partnered with Gunnison County and the National Forest Foundation to support the Gunnison Stewardship Fund. A $10,000 contribution was made to the fund that has been developed to help finance stewardship of our public and conserved lands.  Lastly, the Met Rec Board of Directors designated $10,000 to a new Recreation Reserve Fund that will grow Met Rec’s ability to financially support the planning of developed recreation facility projects of high community interest.