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Field Space Planning Initiative

Together with partners, Met Rec is working to responsibly develop field space that meets valley-wide recreation needs.  As part of our 2019 Recreation Needs Assessment, field space ranked as a top priority for the community and recreation stakeholders.

In the Gunnison Valley, most recreation fields are owned and maintained by our local municipalities, the Gunnison Watershed School District and Western Colorado University.  These groups do an excellent job maintaining the spaces and making them accessible to a diversity of user groups.

However, this work has become increasingly difficult as community field space needs go up. Our municipal-operated fields are at maximum capacity and face over-use issues.  This makes balancing the needs of our local sports teams, community events, and other youth and adult recreation programs very challenging.  Additionally, the Gunnison Watershed School District’s projected enrollment is only increasing and new sports teams continue to be added to accommodate student needs.

With a service area that encompasses almost all of Gunnison County, Met Rec harbors the unique ability to facilitate collaborative recreation initiatives across silos and jurisdictional boundaries. For this reason, Met Rec is convening community stakeholders to identify how we can develop field space that best meets today’s needs as well as future demands. 

The following field space planning goals were identified by the stakeholder group:

  • Identify where and how to develop and operate new field space
  • Identify field improvement projects
  • Prioritize new field projects and field improvement projects
  • Determine project capital and operating costs and funding sources in partnership with stakeholders

Next Steps

As part of this planning process, we’re currently collecting information from field space user groups. If you have questions on whether or not a group/activity might be considered a ‘field space user group’, please contact us