Developed Recreation Grant Program

The Beta

In 2020, Met Rec developed a new grant opportunity focused on developing recreation amenities. Please note, it is not guaranteed that this funding opportunity will be available on an annual basis.

The Developed Recreation Grant Program is designed to:

  • Catalyze the development of recreation amenities that meet valley-wide recreation needs. 
  • Support responsible implementation of recreation amenities.
  • Leverage funding from outside Gunnison County. 


For 2022, Met Rec appropriated $175,000 for the Developed Recreation Grant Program. Grant requests of up to $50,000 will be considered.

Eligible Applicants

Local governmental organizations, special districts, and non-profit organizations are eligible.

Application Process & Timeline

Please note, Met Rec can only reimburse grant funds for work that is initiated and completed AFTER the execution of the Grant Agreement Contract.  Community Collaboration grantees are allowed up to one year from the award date to complete their project.  Should unexpected circumstances arise that delay the project timeline, grantees are to contact the District Manager.  If you are funded this year, there is no guarantee of funding next year.  Every applicant must reapply each year and may or may not be granted funds for similar or different projects. 

grant payment process

When your project or program has concluded and you are ready to request payment of awarded grant funds, please complete the Request for Payment form and submit all required documents via e-mail

How to Apply