Met Rec Strategic Priorities

Strategic Plans

Following a refresh of Met Rec’s mission and vision in 2019, the Board engaged in its first-ever strategic planning process. The new Strategic Plans (Recreation and Operations) include eight focus areas.

Met Rec’s strategic planning process was informed by public and stakeholder outreach, including an extensive Recreation Needs Assessment. 


Developed Recreation Amenities, Outdoor Recreation, Increase Access to Recreation, and Community Collaboration.


Improve System Safety, Increase Reliability, Enhance Environmental Controls, and Plan for Long-term Signal Delivery.

Met Rec's Strategy

The District’s development as a recreation special district, funded by a 1 mil levy property tax and Colorado Lottery proceeds, makes it a dependable community cornerstone.  With a service area that encompasses almost all of Gunnison County, Met Rec harbors the unique ability to facilitate collaborative recreation initiatives across silos and jurisdictional boundaries.  Given Gunnison County’s steady population growth and continued value of recreation, this ability fills an important community need that our municipalities cannot achieve independently.


Encompassing five municipalities, Met Rec can harness support from across town and city boundaries to deliver a collective impact capable of delivering key, valley-wide recreation needs.  Alternatively, Met Rec can work within its north and south sub-district boundaries to support community-specific recreation needs. 

For these reasons, Met Rec has chosen to focus on recreation initiatives that achieve solutions needed by the entire valley. We seek to serve as an integrator capable of innovating partnerships to accomplish vital community recreation opportunities while also leveraging funding from outside Gunnison County. 


Developed Recreation Amenities is one of Met Rec’s eight strategic priorities.  Regional assessments and stakeholder outreach confirmed the demand for additional developed recreation amenities, such as field and ice space and indoor recreation facilities.  

In alignment with its strategy, Met Rec will work to provide leadership and coordinate responsible planning and implementation of recreation amenities that require regional support to achieve successful development and sustainable operation.  This process seeks to ensure efficient utilization of existing facilities, the prevention of duplicative services, and an understanding of near and long-term capital, operating and replacement costs associated with new projects. 

How We Support Developed Recreation Amenities:

To support and catalyze the development of priority recreation amenities, Met Rec has developed a new grant opportunity focused on developed recreation amenities.


Outdoor recreation opportunities are plentiful in the Gunnison Valley and surrounding areas.  Residents and visitors alike flock to trailheads, parks, wildflower meadows, campgrounds and rivers to experience world-class recreation. 

Met Rec strives to support outdoor recreation needs by working directly with local outdoor recreation stakeholders and through its partnership with the Gunnison Stewardship Fund

How We Support Outdoor Recreation:

Met Rec seeks to support outdoor recreation needs as part of its community collaboration focus area and grant program.


The need to improve access to recreation was supported by constituents throughout Met Rec’s service area as part of our Strategic Planning process. Of particular concern is the high program and equipment costs and inadequate transportation to recreation amenities and programs.

Met Rec strives to support efforts that reduce local barriers faced by youth, elderly, and underserved communities in the planning and implementation of recreation programs and amenities and through collaborative community initiatives.


Met Rec strives to support valued community recreation opportunities. Ensuring quality amenities and sustainable programming is a priority.  Engaging in, promoting, and financially supporting community-based recreation initiatives is critical to improving our citizens’ quality of life. 

We seek to engage with a diversity of recreation groups and entities to stay informed of current and planned recreation project and programming needs.

How We Support Collaboration

Recreation Advisory Committees

Met Rec’s support of recreation initiatives is informed by input from two Advisory Committees; the North and South Recreation Advisory Committees.  Each committee represents recreation interests from Met Rec’s north and south sub-districts.   The north sub-district encompasses the area located within the Crested Butte Fire Protection District; approximately the East River valley north of Round Mountain, including Crested Butte South, Skyland, Crested Butte, Mt. Crested Butte and the surrounding area.  The south sub-district encompasses the rest of Met Rec’s Service Area.

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Met Rec’s Recreation Advisory Committees, please view this info sheet.